Auto Carpet Adhesive Protective Film 24″x200′ 4 mil

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Auto Carpet Adhesive Protective Film 24" x200' 4 mil

One roll of 24"x200' auto carpet protection film, floor mat protective cover. 4 mil highly durable clear polyethylene film - very thick compare to 2.5 or 3 mil. Protect your carpet up to 30 days. High tact acrylic adhesive specially formulated to adhere well to synthetic fiber carpets. It won't slip under foot or disintegrate when wet. Every 8.5" or 15.5" or 24" teal perforated to yield 8.5"x24, 15.5"x24" or 24"x24" mats. Has "Dealer Must Remove protective Cover"print. Caps on both ends for easy holding & unwind. Can be used at auto dealer, car wash & detailing, corner service station, used car business, remodeling, painting, household cleaning.