BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Cyclonic Canister Vacuum, Bagless, 66T6

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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cyclonic Canister Vacuum, Bagless, 66T6

Pet Hair Eraser Cyclonic HEPA Canister Vacuum, 66T6


Canister Vacuum Cleaners

BISSELL canister vacuums are light and easy to maneuver. They’re great for stairs and other surfaces like curtains, upholstery, auto interiors, and more.

How does the Pet Hair Eraser Canister remove pet hair from my home?

In addition to convenient canister vacuum features like an Automatic Cord Rewind and bagless dirt and debris capture system, the Pet Hair Eraser Canister has specialized features to clean pet hair from carpets, area rugs, furniture and other surfaces. The vacuum’s Pet Hair Lifter acts like a lint brush, attracting hair as you vacuum so you can collect more pet hair than with suction alone. The Pet Contour Tool can be used for pulling hair from hard-to-reach places, while the Wide Pet TurboBrush Tool uses a rotating brush and special rubber fingers to pull hair from stairs and furniture.

What is the difference between an upright vacuum and a canister vacuum?

Canister vacuums are low to the ground vacuums that have a long hose with a wand on the end. As you clean through the hose and wand, you pull the canister unit behind you. Upright vacuums stand tall and have a handle, which is used to push the vacuum. When cleaning carpets, the debris is removed through the foot or base of the unit. Most uprights also have a hose and on-board tools, which are typically used for hard to reach places and when cleaning furniture.At one time, canisters were thought to be easier to use for cleaning hard to reach places and for cleaning a larger variety of floors surfaces. However, the uprights of today have added cleaning features, such as bare floor height adjustments, brush roll on/off switches, and are easily maneuverable. In addition, the on board cleaning tools have made upright vacuums even more versatile.Although uprights are easier to use and more effective at cleaning larger areas in the home, they can still be a challenge when cleaning stairs.

Pet CleanUp

You love your pet. But you don’t have to love the mess. That’s why BISSELL has special pet cleaning products that give you solutions for stains and odors, pet shedding, and accidents.

Captures and removes pet hair from your entire home with special features
  • Pet Hair Lifter helps capture pet hair from floors
  • Specialized pet attachments
  • Bagless