Blue Ridge Commercial Carpet is committed to manufacturing the best-performing carpet products for the Education Market. We take the finest raw materials available, and produce well-designed, dependable floor coverings with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Add Blue Ridge’s premium backing and unsurpassed warranty program, and the result is a product that is in a class of its own.


Blue Ridge’s commercial carpets start with only branded yarns from the major fiber producers so you can be completely confident that your investment will stand up to heavy traffic. We have a core belief that each facet of every product should be engineered to the fullest, including:

– Tightly twisting our yarns. This extra step provides greater appearance retention and aids in camouflaging soiled areas.

– Using StitchLock® Technology in the preceding stitch. This assures increased tuft bind and makes our edge non-ravel and run resistance warranties possible.

– Running our coater at a slow speed. This insures bundle penetration and latex wrap.

– The utilization of high-performance polymersto prevent delamination.


Blue Ridge offers a large 24-inch modular tile that allows for fast and simple installation. In addition, downtime and disruptions are kept to a minimum because your in-house staff can easily replace the carpet tiles. In addition to modular, Blue Ridge offers a wide variety of complimentary products in 6-foot vinyl rolls and 12-foot broadloom with our famous Power Lock®, Power Lock® MB, Power Lock® Plus high-performance backing systems. The choice is yours.


For more than twenty-five years, Blue Ridge has been supplying carpet to the Education Market. Blue Ridge products are tested according to the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Performance Standards, and most feature the following warranty package:

– Useful Life Stain Removal Warranty

– Useful Life Colorfastness to Light Warranty

– Useful Life Abrasive Wear Warranty

– Useful Life Colorfastness to Atmospheric Contaminants Warranty

– Useful Life Edge Ravel Warranty

– Useful Life Backing Delamination Warranty

– Useful Life Run Resistance Warranty

Blue Ridge carpets qualify for the Honeywell and InVista reclamation programs.


Blue Ridge Commercial Carpet products have been used by the following institutions:

– University of Washington

– Baylor University

– University of Michigan

– Holland Public Schools

– Detroit Country Day Schools

– Lincoln Park School District

– University of Georgia

– University of Massachusetts

– University of Southern California

– St. Xavier Schools

– St. Mary’s College

– Boston College

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