CalderdaleCalderdale was established in 1987 and as a manufacturer of Axminster carpet for the Leisure and hospitality industry in the UK, producing traditional and contemporary woven Axminster. All of our carpet is woven at our factory in Dewsbury. Our standard 80/20 Wool/Nylon yarn is source from the best local spinners in the UK.

We have developed our critical cut
Axminster tiles which particularly targets Casinos but are equally suitable for Amusement Arcades, bowling alleys, restaurants and luxury offices.

Calderdale has a reputation for quality and market leading innovative design. Our in house design team prides itself on flair, imagination and quick response. They liaise with clients to facilitate a custom solution to their design requirements.

Calderdale is one of several autonomous companies owned by the private company, The Calder Group (Dewsbury) Ltd. Among the group are Calder Properties, Calder Dying and Calder Textiles.

Calder Textiles trading as Atlantic Yarns
This business was formed in 1984 following its relocation from Leeds.

Calder Textiles undertakes the spinning and dying of Axminster, Wilton and tufted products.

We provide a spinning and dyeing service to our group companies as well offering a wide range of products to customers both in the UK and export markets.

Equipped with up to date spinning technology the company can produce white and colored yarns in different compositions in a range of weights and twists.