Computex AdvantageMat PVC Anti-Static Chair Mat for Standard Pile Carpet Up to 3/8 Inch Thick, Clear 48 x 36 Inches, Rectangular with Lip (319226LV)

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Computex Anti-Static PVC Chair Mat for Carpets to 3/8" Thick, 48"x36", Rectangular w/ Lip,Clear (FR319226LV)

Constant movement around electrical devices such as computers, photocopiers and medical equipment causes a build-up of static and dust, damaging the machines and shortening their life span. Made by Floortex, Computex Anti-Static mats provide static protection and attract dust away from sensitive areas, creating a safer environment for the equipment and the people who use it. Its gripper back will hold the mat in place on carpets up to 3/8" thick. Floortex's unique PVC mats are the clearest vinyl mats on the market, offering higher quality, less odor and higher UV protection than other vinyl mats. Combined with the mat's durability and appearance, this makes a Computex mat a flexible and long-lasting floor protection solution. Computex Anti-Static mats contain approximately 25% recycled material. Floortex brand products protect like no other. An unrivaled range of products offers the enduring quality to safeguard every floor, chair, door, and desk for longer.