constantineConstantine was founded on the notion that the best product wins. We believe in pioneering new ways to bring original and exciting products to you. We believe the best product is many things…innovative, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and most of all it exceeds your expectations. We believe that there is value in having aesthetically coordinating flooring materials across an entire line of products and making that easy through a simple color reference system. We believe in the development of a large variety of exquisite, subtle textures that can enhance your environments, not dominate them. We believe your complete satisfaction is the measure of our success.

Constantine Tile brings unrivaled sophistication and elegance to carpet tile. Modular Carpet tile has long been perceived as a commodity. Constantine’s patented Multiple Yarn Infusion™ (MYI) technology has totally reinvented it. MYI™ brings its legendary styling to modular tile while maintaining extremely competitive pricing. In addition to great aesthetics, MYI™ generates exceptionally high tuft densities. As a result, Constantine modular tiles wear extremely well.

Constantine strives to make your life easier by creating hard surface flooring companions to our broadloom and modular tile – not just through coordinating colors, but also similar aesthetic approaches and similar levels of finish. Our goals are that all of our products live well next to one another and offer you enough range that maybe the combinations even inspire new palettes.

Our top priorities are to bring you an innovative and unique material mixture that offers the most environmentally conscious flooring possibilities available. This includes rapidly renewable cork, bamboo, and flax straw, recycled rubber, the domestic hardwood mesquite, engineered wood planks and tiles with a structural lumber wear layer, and recycled vinyl.