Designweave_CarpetYour choices do not stop at color, pattern and scale. With The New Patcraft & Designweave, choice goes even deeper. Into the very make-up of the product. With products constructed of various fiber brands, including Eco Solution Q, Antron Legacy, Solutia Ultron and Solutia XTI, your choices of yarn size, yarn color, price points and even environmental footprint are unimaginable. The choices are many and they are yours.

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Backed By The Best

You face tough choices every day. Choosing carpet with the appropriate backing for your interiors projects shouldn’t be one of them. With eleven backing options available from The New Patcraft & Designweave, you can choose a beautiful product with a backing that is best suited for your commercial installation. Don’t worry. Choose choice.

Taking Care of Business

Everyone loves the look of new carpet but without the proper maintenance, your new carpet might not look new for long. The New Patcraft & Designweave helps you maintain the appearance and extend the performance of your carpet by recommending a proper maintenance program.

The New Patcraft & Designweave has developed a carefully planned Systematic Cleaning Program which, if followed closely, will maintain your carpet at its maximum appearance level throughout the life of the carpet.

Our systematic cleaning program uses a combination of walk-off areas, vacuuming, spot cleaning, dry compound extraction, and hot water extraction. The cleaning frequencies are scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly, and longer cycle basis, and are determined by specific traffic routes in each facility. Carpet color, correct construction, anticipated spills, number of walk-ons per day, proximity to industrial and other environmental soilants, are all factors to be considered when developing your maintenance program. We can help you establish a cleaning regimen tailored to your individual needs.

Maintenance Guide

We’ll Put Our Reputation Down On It

We think giving you the very best for your carpet dollar is a three-step process: making it, installing it, and maintaining it. And while the making it is often the primary focus of manufacturers, the installation and maintenance procedures can make or break the beauty of your installation as well.

That’s why The New Patcraft & Designweave provides a detailed and comprehensive guide to carpet installation. It covers the basics-like the importance of checking out the products before any cuts are made to more esoteric tips like the need to always align the center of diamond designs when matching for pattern.

With our guidance and careful attention to detail, a qualified installer will provide you with the kind of installation you need to enjoy years and years of service from your carpet from The New Patcraft & Designweave.

Installation Guide

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Your carpet looks best when it is installed correctly. And we are here to help you make sure it is done right. As proud participants in the Shaw Industries Commercial Installation Certification Program, The New Patcraft & Designweave works with your installers to help them understand the installation process and provides certification for them when they complete the program. Installation experts from The New Patcraft & Designweave, with over 100 years combined experience, explain all of the details and deliver hands on interactive sessions focused on installation methods, adhesives, seam sealers, installation equipment, backings, floor prep, seaming methods and many other topics. Additionally, your installers will have the opportunity to visit Shaw’s state of the art manufacturing facilities.