Eureka Pet Expert Bagless Upright, 3276BVZ

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Eureka Pet Expert Bagless Upright, 3276BVZ


Love Your Pets, Not The Hair They Leave Behind

Tired of the pet hair mess around your home? The Eureka Pet Expert is the solution to a cleaner home with an enhanced cleaning experience. Powered by a 12 amp motor, this upright vacuum cleans with high suction power. It is able to suction for a longer period of time due to its whirlwind cyclonic technology. Installed with the HEPA charcoal filter, this vacuum is able to absorb pet odor and reduce allergens for a cleaner home. An additional feature with this pet vacuum is the self-cleaning Hair Raiser™ for Pets- a self-cleaning brush removes pet hair from upholstery, fabric and more. The HEPA Charcoal filter absorbs pet odor and reduces allergens for a cleaner home.

Ideal for people who need to clean up after pets.

The Pet Expert includes a number of cleaning tools and accessories. The turbo nozzle has the Pet Power Paw tool which removes pet hair from carpet and upholstery. Its plastic teeth on the brush loosen it, rubber strip grabs it and bristles remove it. The flip-bottom dust cup helps keep fine, allergy-causing pet dander away from you. The comfort grip oval handle relieves wrist and hand strain for a comfortable, ergonomic clean.

Additional features include a nested wand/crevice tool which helps in cleaning the edges and corners with ease. The pet upholstery brush and hair raiser for pets are ideal tools to clean your couches, drapes and other upholstery with. This upright vacuum has a carpet height adjustment feature to cater to every carpet in your home. It has a 30 feet long cord and a 15 inch wide cleaning path providing greater coverage for cleaning. This vacuum weighs 19.6 pounds and measures 15"W x 12"L x 43.5"H. It is backed by a 2 year limited warranty.

Getting the Best Results

• Do not put any object into openings. Do not use with any opening blocked; keep free of dust, lint, hair, and anything that may reduce airflow. This vacuum cleaner creates suction. Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers, and all parts of body away from openings and moving parts.

• Do not place vacuum cleaner on furniture or stairs as the brush roll may cause damage. Use extra care when cleaning on stairs. Place vacuum cleaner on floor with the handle in storage position while using attachments.

• Do not use without the HEPA filter in place. Clean filter after each use and replace the filter occasionally.

Hair Raiser for pets is a self-cleaning brush that removes pet hair from upholstery, fabric and more

Product Features

Height Adjustment
Carpet height adjustment switch allows you to pick from many settings, making sure that this vacuum can clean every surface in your home.
HEPA Filter
Installed with HEPA filtration, this vacuum reduces dirt and dander by 99.97% for a cleaner home. Its sealed feature eliminates the pet odor.
Easy to operate switch along with the hair raiser tool enhances the cleaning experience
Hair Raiser for pets helps in cleaning upholstery and drapes that accumulate pet hair