Groom Industries Perky Carpet Rake with 3 Piece Handle

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Sale Price: $44.00
(as of 04/25/2019 11:57 UTC - Details)

Groom Industries Perky Carpet Rake

The 3 piece handle perky groomer carpet rake is perfect easy use and storage. Just like the original perky groomer carpet rake, but with the 3piece handle for quick and easy storage or on the go. The perky carpet rake is ideal for making old, smashed and tired carpet look brand new. Use the perky carpet rake before vacuuming to loosen deep down dirt, soil and hair from the carpet fibers to maximize effectiveness. You will be amazed at how your carpets will look brand new like the day they were installed. Have pets? Then you have stubborn pet hair that clumps or is left behind by the vacuum cleaner. Use the perky carpet rake to gather deep down pet hair that the vacuum would go right over.