Jetster ETL Listed Air Mover Carpet Blower & Floor Dryer with low amps + GFCI & Carpet Clamp 1 Year Warranty! RED

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BlueDri Jetster 0.33 HP Air Mover Carpet Dryer with Carpet Clamp RED

This Jetster is an air mover with a daisy-chain design. You can plug one Dryer into another one. Each unit pulls 2.9 amps at it's highest setting, so 4 units can be plugged into each other and run off of the same circuit. This decreases your drying time, and is great for spreading air movers across a large wet surface. It is especially good for drying floors because they create a flat ribbon of air. The Jetster dryer provides a high volume of airflow, which will increase the rate of evaporation, help prevent mold growth, and reduce the risk of additional moisture damage. Moving air will improve evaporation by removing a boundary layer of saturated air that hangs near wet surfaces. The daisy-chainable air movers whisk away this moist air and replace it with dryer air. When drying in a building, place at least one Dryer per room, or one for every 200 square feet. Place as many as needed for maximum airflow across all wet areas of the floor. For increased drying in extremely wet environments, or flood restorations.