Lees Unibond U2 Carpet Backing System: Lifetime Warranty

Lees offers a Lifetime Warranty on all carpets with the Unibond U2 backing system. This Lifetime Warranty covers delamination of secondary backing, failure of static protection, excessive wear and edge ravel. It also covers maintenance of tuft bind for loop-pile carpets, all as detailed below.

Features Warranted:

Edge Ravel

Lees warrants that under normal use this carpet will not ravel along seams during the lifetime of the carpet. Seams do not have to be sealed or “buttered” during the installation process.

Tuft Bind

Lees warrants that loop-pile carpets with the Unibond U2 backing will have a superior tuft bind when tested using the

ASTMD-1335-67 method. This portion of the warranty guarantees against zippering, whether the carpet is dry or wet (as it might be during steam cleaning, hot water extraction, or as a result of a broken pipe or flood).

Backing Lamination

Lees warrants that the secondary backing of this carpet will not delaminate during the lifetime of the carpet. Chair pads are not required whether the carpet is installed directly to the floor or by conventional tackless installation over cushion but are recommended for maximum texture retention.

Moisture Barrier

Lees warrants that carpets with the Unibond U2 backing system will provide a permanent moisture barrier. All carpets with the Unibond U2 backing system pass both the British Spill Test and the Moisture Impact Test.


Lees warrants that this carpet will lose no more than 10% by weight of pile face fiber during the lifetime of the carpet, when installed and maintained in accordance with Lees published procedures, a copy of which is available to the prospective purchaser at the point of sale.

Static Protection

Lees warrants that this carpet will give protection from static discharges in excess of 3.0 KV when tested under the Standard AATCC l34 Test method (at 70º F and 20% R.H.) during the lifetime of the carpet.


Lees warrants that the Unibond U2 adhesive, U2 SET, will bond the carpet to the properly prepared substrate for the life of the carpet. Substrate must meet Lees recommended floor preparation procedures. Should Lees U2 SET adhesive not be used,

Lifetime Adhesive Warranties become null and void.

Smoke Density

Lees warrants that every shipment of Unibond U2 backing will generate less than the generally accepted requirement of 450 Corrected Maximum Specific Optical Density (flaming mode) for smoke developed when tested in accordance with ASTM Test Procedure E662 (NFPA 258).

Limited Warranty

This carpet is warranted to be merchantable and fit for ordinary purposes for which carpet is used. Any portion of this carpet not performing as stated will be repaired to conform to this warranty. However, if repair is not commercially practical, Lees may elect to replace the carpet or to refund the purchase price. Lees will pay the cost of the carpet, freight and labor. (Replacement will be made with a product from the then current Lees running line comparable to the carpet warranted.)

No charge will be made for the actual installation of the replacement carpet. However, all areas in which the carpet is to be replaced under the terms of this warranty must be cleared at the consumer’s expense of all equipment, furnishings, partitions and the like, that may have been installed over the carpet subsequent to the original installation. This warranty is made to the original

purchaser for carpet installed in its original location; it is not transferable.

Notification of Warranty Claims

All claims asserted under this warranty should be submitted to the warrantor, in writing, as follows:

Lees Carpets•706 Green Valley Rd, Suite 300•Greensboro, NC 27408•Attn: Customer Service•Telephone: 800 523-5647

Obligations of Warrantor

Lees will, within ten (10) business days of receipt of such written notice, designate a representative to promptly inspect the carpet and evaluate the warranty claim.

Exclusions and Limitations on Warranty

This warranty does not cover disfigurement or damage caused by abnormal use or by use of chlorinated or any other solvent-based cleaning agents; or use of any adhesive or cleaning chemicals other than Lees’ adhesives or Lees’ DURASAFE

® cleaning products or products approved, in writing, by Lees Technical Service; damage that does not arise out of a manufacturing defect; damage caused by stains, sharp objects and the like; damage caused by the installer or the workmanship of the installer (if not installed by Lees); or the condition of the sub-floor (e.g. undue moisture). Shading, pile crush, dyelot differences or soiling are not manufacturing defects, and are not covered by the warranty. Incidental or consequential damages are excluded.

Lees shall have no liability or responsibility with respect to any pre-existing hazardous materials on premises where carpet is installed, or use of adhesive not recommended by Lees. Lees is not responsible for any change or modification to the carpet which might occur after it leaves Lees’ premises, including, but not limited to the presence of chemicals or materials which were not specified as components of the carpet.

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