There should be no manufacturing defects or specification errors, including color, texture, design, and dimensions. If the original seller before delivery finds visible manufacturing defects, Masland must be notified immediately.

Claims for these defects may not be honored after the rug has been used.

Hard Surface Flooring

When installing your rug on hard surface flooring– hardwood, parquet, ceramic, terrazzo, or resilient vinyl– use an approved underlayment pad such as Safe-Step

™This underlayment pad by Masland provides low-profile slip resistance, increased durability, additional cushion, and is stable and non-skid. Using a substandard or lowdensity cushion product may have an unfavorable effect on your rug and could void

Masland’s warranty.


Placement of your Masland rug over carpet, may also be harmful to your rug’s performance and may void your warranty.

Wet areas, like bathrooms, may cause texture and color changes due to humidity and exposure to chemicals like chlorine.

Soil and stain resistance are excellent in Masland rugs, but no rug is impervious to everything. Routine care and cleaning are vital to maintain long-term appearance.