Miracle Caster! Extra Large Chair Wheels. 4″ Set of Five. Great for carpet. Replaces chair mat.

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Miracle Caster! Extra Large Chair Wheels. 4" Set of Five. Great for carpet. Replaces chair mat.

Miracle Casters are large chair casters that offer several advantages over regular chair casters. Miracle Casters use wheels that are nearly 4 inches in diameter. That's twice the diameter of the cheap casters supplied on most office chairs! Because of their larger size, Miracle Casters roll easily over thick carpet and can also be used on tile. Think of the huge wheels on tractors and other heavy equipment. Miracle Casters work on the same principle. The bigger the wheel, the easier it will roll over a soft or uneven surface. Each caster is rated to carry 130 pounds, which means that a set of five will hold a static load of 650 pounds. However, for best results, we do not recommend Miracle Casters for individuals over 300 pounds. When used on carpet, each Miracle Caster is guaranteed against failure for 10 years. Miracle Casters fit many office chairs. PLEASE MEASURE YOUR CURRENT CASTER STEM TO MAKE SURE THE DIAMETER IS 7/16-INCH. A ruler, 7/16" wrench or 7/16" drill bit can be helpful when checking your stem diameter. The length of Miracle Caster stems is 7/8-inch. To avoid chair damage, your current caster stem should be between 7/8-inch and 1.25-inch in length. See photos for complete dimensions. Here's what people are saying: * Received your casters and they seem to be working great. I can move on the rug! - Eilleen H., Harrisburg, PA. * Wanted to let you know that I put the casters on my (Henry Miller) Aeron chair, and omigod they are awesome!!! - Richard H., Los Angeles, CA * Goodbye ugly plastic mat! Your casters went on an Aeron chair, and actually improved an already-excellent product. I've got a pretty bad neurological condition, which causes major pain; the Aeron has helped that, and your casters are little 'miracles' too, making a good product better. I've successfully ordered goods from the Internet for many years, but this is the first time I've felt I should write a company with my compliments. Keep up the good work! Many blessings. - Michael, GA.