Neato 9450029 Xv11 Silver Robotic Vacuum System Cleaner

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Neato 9450029 Xv11 Silver Robotic Vacuum System Cleaner


Neato XV-11

The future of vacuuming.
The Neato XV-11 will keep your floors clean with just the push of a button. Featuring the most powerful suction in a robot vacuum, the XV-11 will easily pick up dirt, debris and even pet hair. Its laser navigation system ensures that it never misses a spot.


Powerful suction equals a cleaner floor. You can count on the XV-11 to pick up everything a traditional vacuum would–dirt, pet hair, dust, even cereal.


The XV-11 cleans in a methodical back-and-forth pattern. This method is the quickest and most efficient way to ensure that every spot on your floor gets cleaned.


There are no bags to buy or replace. When the dirt bin is full, simply empty it into the trash.


You’ll always come home to a clean floor. You can schedule your Neato to clean while you’re out working or playing

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