Nutone VX550 550-Watt Deluxe Power Unit

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Nutone 550-WATT Deluxe Power Unit

Nutone VX550 550 Watts-Bag Version Power Units Powerfully Clean. Brawn Wasn't Sacrificed for Beauty. Our New Motor Designs Deep Clean far Better than Conventional Vacuums. And Better Filtration, You Won't Spread the Dust Around, Either. Exhausted to the Exterior of Your Home, The Microscopic Dust Particles that Simply Scatter with Conventional Vacuums are Ported Outside. Your Home is Cleaner and Indoor Air Quality is Improved as Well HEPA Filtration. Anti-Microbial Protection. Our New Bags and Filters Feature HEPA Rated Media and Anti-Stick Technology. Dust and Bacteria is Trapped Better than Ever Before. Accurate Bag-Full Lights. Progressive Indicator Lights Tell You in a Glance when to Change the Bag. Features a True "Bag-Full" Light and Shut Down Automatically to Avoid Rupturing the Bag. Simplified Bag Removal and Filter Changing. Just Open the Front-Facing Door Panel and Withdraw the Full Bag. Our Easysnap Bag Change Mechanism Closes the Opening Immediately Upon Removal, So What Goes in, Stays in. Tap the Clean Side of the Filter and Dirt Stuck to it Will Fall into the Debris Bucket-Not Onto the Floor. For Replacement Bags (3 Per Pack), Order Model # VX3918. Convenient Installation. Left- or Right-Hand Intake Ports Simplify New or Retrofit Installations. The Slim Profile Lets the Tank Fit in Tight Corners.