Sanitaire SC6080A Commercial Canister Carpet Extractor with 3 Stage Motor

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Sanitaire SC6080A Commercial Canister Carpet Extractor with 3 Stage Motor

The Sanitaire SC6080A Commercial canister carpet extractor has a three stage motor, a 9 gallon recovery tank, a 15-foot long cleaning hose, and a 12-inch wide cleaning wand for water extraction carpet and upholstery cleaning. The three-stage motor uses three fans to deliver 137 inches of water lift suction for thorough water extraction. The extractor recovers dirty water in a 9-gallon tank for more cleaning time between tank emptying than cleaners with less tank capacity. The base of the tank has a drain outlet valve 20" from the ground for emptying to a bucket, toilet bowl, or floor drain. The 15 ft. hose allows for cleaning large areas without moving the machine, and for stairs and upholstery. The 12-inch wide cleaning wand has a brass spray jet to deliver cleaning solution at 150 lb. per square inch (psi), and the extractor uses brass quick-connect host fittings for quick setup of the solution spray hose. It has 12" diameter rear wheels for maneuverability during use, and for transport over stairs. The solution spray pump and the vacuum have separate power switches, so you can run just the vacuum for extraction-only passes, or for cleaning up spills.

Water lift137"
Solution spray pump pressure150 lb. per square inch (psi)
Recovery tank capacity9 gallon
Cleaning hose length15'
Cleaning wand width12"
Sound level98 dB
Weight110 lb.

Carpet extractors clean carpets and upholstery by applying water (or a water and detergent mixture), and then vacuuming it up. Some cleaners use a brush roll agitator to loosen dirt. The used cleaning solution and dirt are vacuumed into a recovery tank for disposal. Carpet extractors are available as upright, walk-behind units with a wide cleaning path, or canister units that use hose and wand attachments that require less movement of the base unit. Some upright units can work with hose and wand attachments for cleaning upholstery and stairs. Water lift measures the strength of the suction produced by a vacuum's motor; more inches indicate stronger suction, which is the result of both a powerful motor and efficient and well-sealed air pathways.

Sanitaire manufactures vacuum cleaners for home and commercial applications. The company, founded in 1972, is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.