Sienna Eco Canister Steamer

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Sienna Eco Canister Steam Cleaner, SSC-0312

The Sienna Eco-Steam Cleaner allows you to clean your home safely, effectively, and economically using 100% chemical-free dry vapor steam. This cleaning system is a natural and safe alternative to using harsh chemical cleaning products to sanitize and deodorize your indoor surfaces. Chemical cleaning solutions can often irritate your allergy symptoms and negatively affect your indoor air quality. Troubleshooting Steps: More than likely the unit was not primed before initial use. When item is ready for steam cleaning and enough pressure has built, make sure to prime the unit first. Point steam handle along with attached attachments into a sink in order to push out water that has been trapped in the house. Once steam begins spewing out without water then it is ready for use. Condensation may form inside the unit if unit there is a pause between use. You may lay a towel on the floor or go over a sink and press the steam release until steam appears without water spatter.