Slipstick CB885 Glide Cup, Chocolate, Large

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(as of 01/28/2020 23:16 UTC - Details)

Slipstick CB885 3-1/2 Inch Large Non Slip Rubber Floor Surface Protector Pads (Set of 4 Grippers) Round - Chocolate Brown

Our large, universal, rubber floor protecting pads measure 3-1/2" across and are only 1/8" thick. They are virtually unseen under furniture and work fantastic under couches, sofas, large chairs, sectionals, etc. Made of heavy-duty rubber, the circular protectors are watertight, minimize vibration, and can be easily cut, folded or molded for unsurpassed surface protection for wood floors, laminate, vinyl, tile, just about any hard-surface flooring inside or out. Great on decks too! The tops of the protectors have an outer lip which provides an opening of up to 3-3/8" to provide stability for furniture while the protector bottoms have threaded traction treads to safely and securely grip the floor. Weight is not a factor as these can support up to 550 lbs. each.