The Wools of New Zealand Mark, recognized as the world’s leading wool brand for floor coverings  is your extra assurance of consistent high quality in wool carpets and rugs.

Working in partnership with the world’s leading carpet and rug manufacturers, spinners, importers and retailers, the Wools of New Zealand brand programme is focused on creating, developing and promoting carpets and rugs of exceptional quality and beauty.

New Zealand Origin

New Zealand is the world’s major supplier of quality wool for use in carpets and rugs. New Zealand wool is highly sought after by the world’s premier carpet and rug producers.

Some 40 million sheep graze on beautiful, lush, green pastures to produce the best carpet wool in the world. New Zealand sheep farmers, arguably the world’s most efficient, follow sophisticated farm management systems to ensure optimal wool quality is achieved in an environmentally sustainable manner following best animal welfare practice.

Quality Assurance

The Wools of New Zealand Mark is a registered trademark and can only be applied to products that:

pass a range of stringent performance tests, including durability and appearance retention,

contain at least 80% wool, with the majority (60%) being New Zealand wool, and

are manufactured by a Wools of New Zealand approved and licensed manufacturer.

Commitment to Excellence

The Wools of New Zealand brand programme represents a commitment to excellence and on-going product improvement and innovation. It is underpinned by a significant research and development programme that ensures New Zealand wool continues to meet the needs and expectations of manufacturers and consumers, alike. Our product innovation programme includes forecasting future flooring trends in colour and style to ensure Wools of New Zealand branded carpets and rugs set the benchmark in interior fashion, as well as quality and performance.

Wools of New Zealand branded products are available through leading carpet and rug retailers internationally.

Those with a sense of style – and a sense of value – choose wool carpets and rugs. Why? Because wool simply looks beautiful, longer.

Natural wool ages gracefully, continually renewing itself and developing a rich patina as years pass. While synthetic fibers will become scratched, scarred and dull over time, wool carpets and rugs remain vibrant to the eye and supple to the touch.

Your style demands high design and high performance; natural wool delivers, year after year after year.

Do you know the real story about real wool carpets and rugs?

What makes wool so desirable? New Zealand wool is the whitest, cleanest, purest wool in the world – the natural choice for natural superiority.

Wool carpets and rugs are fire safe, providing beautiful peace of mind.

Wool absorbs contaminants in the air, improving the indoor air qualityand helping you breathe easier.

Real wool will make your home more beautiful; and by its very nature, it can help save the earth.

Grown in New Zealand

Wool from New Zealand is a biodegradable and renewable resource produced using methods that are friendly to the environment. It’s also naturally durable, flame-retardant and resistant to dirt and crushing. And the absolute whiteness of New Zealand wool allows it to be dyed to the purest, most fashionable colors.

When you select wool carpet for your home, it makes a statement about your sense of style and value. Whether your choice of Wools of New Zealand Brand carpet is based on ecology or aesthetics, it will look and feel great for years to come!